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The point of consensus

At the confluence of the Consumer, Healthcare, Insurance and the Internet of Things

Tokenizing the healthcare economy

Introducing iAM

iAM's unified platform solves healthcare's biggest issues including insurance fraud, medication adherence, prescription abuse and also the problem of medical data portability. With enterprise partners Guardtime, Healthcare Gateway, and DXS our solution will be accessible to more than 70% of the UK population. Users can share their records (secured by blockchain) and pay for services with iAM tokens. Our healthcare economy is governed by smart contracts. Patients, doctors, insurers, researchers, public health agencies and big pharma often have different goals. iAM reconciles conflicting objectives and delivers win-win outcomes for all participants. We call this the point of consensus.

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ERC20 Utility Token
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iAM puts users in control of their own health data. Users manage their own personal health records and share these with doctors, hospitals, care providers and other healthcare participants. iAM rewards individuals who elect to share their anonymized health data with iAM tokens.

Members pay to securely store their record on our blockchain, share with health care professionals, and to write to their records using IoT devices.

Members settle payments for health services with iAM tokens. These transactions create iAM’s tokenized healthcare economy.

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During the pre-sale you can access the Whitepaper either by email or after completing KYC. You may like to look at our updated Litepaper first, if you haven't yet seen it.

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